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Where do I start?

Dathappy is here to help you from the beginning

🎯 I set my Goals
Digital / Data / Tech are enablers, tools you can leverage to achieve your objectives. Whether it is to master some of them or to boost your project, define you aim first

💡 I am Inspired & Sensibilized
Get inspired, learn more about the problems, potential solutions and use cases from others like you

🌱 I acquire Digital Literacy & Dexterity
Build up your general culture and understand better the tools and concepts you could leverage

🎉 I do First Projects & Experimentations
Try it with real examples helping to achieve your objectives to increase your capability to

🚀 I get Digitally Empowered
Implement your Digital projects with your skills & teams, our ambassadors support or one of our partners we match to your needs (agencies, service providers, freelancers, tools builders, etc.)

Tell us who you are 

to start your journey

I represent a purpose-driven organization aiming to grow its impact

I am an individual looking for personal development and oppotunities

We helped them grow

Dathappy = #Digital #Impact
#Data #SDGs #Tech

Indeed, we are the hub boosting positive impact & sustainable development by helping you embrace the Digital Economy.

🌱 Use the relevant enablers
at the right time to serve your goals 🚀

How do we create the content and activities boosting your journey?

We built a network of Digital for Impact Ambassadors engaged to spread innovative and impacting solutions to boost positive impact for organizations and people. 
Based on various locations and having diverse specialties to unleash impact in various industries, communities and ecosystems.


They are trained, they train others and
they co-develop the various content and activities



🌱 Interested to become a Digital Ambassador
to support your community or organization? 👇

Traditional questions
asked to us

Q: Are you a non profit?
A: No we are an entreprise leveraging its bsiness model to achieve positive impact sustainably.

Q: Are you a consulting agency?
A: We started as one but now we build content for you and generate leads to our trusted and vetted partners (delivering the consulting, digital projects).

Q: Is your content free?
A: Our goal is to inspire and support a maximum of organizations so we will always have free content and journeys to get you started even if some advanced and sepcialized content can be paid activities.

Q: Why do you say you are hub?
A: We aim to be a plaform, a hub at the nexus of Digital/Tech and Impact. We unite various actors and partners under this umbrella to ensure a better collaborative support to organizations and individuals.

Based on your needs,

we automatically find the best content,
journeys and experts

to unlock the impact of your organization
with a great experience

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