Our content, consolidated insights & knowledge, personalized journeys, guides,
events, workshops, and pool of experts serving YOUR positive outcomes

Where do I start?

Dathappy is here to help you from the beginning

🎯 I set my Goals
Digital / Data / Tech are enablers, tools you can leverage to achieve your objectives. But what is your goal?

💡 I am Inspired & Sensibilized
Get inspired, learn more about the problems, potential solutions and use cases from others like you

🎓 I continuously check my progress
Evaluate yourself to work on what is the most important to achieve your objectives

🌱 I acquire Digital Literacy & Dexterity
Build up your general culture and understand better the tools and concepts you could leverage

🎉 I do First Projects & Experimentations
Try it with real examples helping to achieve your objectives to increase your capability to

🚀 I get Digitally Empowered
Implement your Digital projects with your skills & teams, our ambassadors support or one of our partners we match to your needs (agencies, service providers, freelancers, tools builders, etc.)

Define your profile and find like-minded learning buddies

To better support your growth, we defined 4 dimensions of a dream job, so you can find peers that are aligned and specialized yourself while become a Digital for Impact ambassador.

It is free for you to start learning, you are even rewarded for the learning activities you achieve and the various contributions you have. 

We helped them grow

How do we create the content and activities boosting your journey?

We built a network of Digital for Impact Ambassadors, aka. Dathappy Experts and Learners engaged to spread innovative and impacting solutions to boost positive impact for organizations and people. 
Based on various locations and having diverse specialties to unleash impact in various industries, communities and ecosystems.


They are trained, they train others and
they co-develop the various content and activities



🌱 Interested to become a Digital Ambassador
to support your community or organization? 👇

Traditional questions
asked to us

Q: What should I expect from this ambassadors' program?
A: You will become a recognized and certified ambassador, being part of a community of like-minded experts, learners and enthusiasts.

Q: What will be needed from me?
A: To become an official ambassador you will have to join the community, taking part of its events and discussions,  potentially get trained and certified before gaining the trust and recognition from your peers.
You will then be able to co-develop activities with them to impact further communities.

Q: Is it free to join?
A: Yes, our goal is to support your growth and to share the pie of success. So we are here to make it accessible to anyone looking to learn. You win, we win!
It is even the opposite as our incentives help you get rewards for the learning activities you finalize.

In other words, it means we will share the success afterwards, either you continue with us as a freelancer in our cooperative (=Agency) or if you decide to go for another purpose-driven company. This model shares the returns with all the stakeholders (impact partners, individual contributors, funders, etc.).

For more details you can have a look at our detailed approach and business model and ask our team. 

Q: How do I contact you for more information?
A: The simplest way is to create your account and then, if you have any questions, you can ask us in the community group discussion as well. All the links to find us are here.

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