Looking for case studies we did before?  Discover them in the presentation slides below 👇 or have a look at our previous "agency" website.

As an organization, where do I start?

Dathappy is here to help you from the beginning

🎯 I set my Goals
What are the outcomes your organization is looking for? Do you have a clear need or do you need strategic support?

💡 I am Inspired & Sensibilized
We share content and activities relevant to your needs so you can be better prepared to hire the right talent(s), but no worries we are here to help express your needs and ensure the project is a success

🎓 I evaluate my Digital maturity and Impact
Our tools are here to help you understand, measure and assess your current progress (evn if you are just starting your journey)

🌱 I acquire Digital Literacy & Grow my Impact
Building-up your culture and skills is also part of the process, our experts will deliver the projects and make sure you are equipped to sustain it

The profile of our talent can be summarized by 4 dimensions

We helped them grow

We built a network of Digital for Impact Ambassadors, aka. Dathappy Experts and Learners engaged to spread innovative and impacting solutions to boost positive impact for organizations and people. 
OUr experts are based in various locations and have diverse specialties to unleash impact in various industries, communities and ecosystems.


They are trained, they train others and
they co-develop the various content, activities, tools and projects


Traditional questions
asked to us

Q: How can I choose the right talents for my needs?
A: Either you have an exact need and the internal resources to assess and pick the right profile, or you can ask us for support along the way. 

Q: What will be needed from me?
A: Be clear about your objectives and needs to ensure the matching process is good. I it is not clear yet, ask a project manager to work with you and validate the strategy. Then, it will be your responsibility to manage the project internally and facilitate the access to the right resources to the expert working with you. You can hire a team of experts, including a project manager if needed.

Q: How do I contact you for more information?
A: The simplest way is to share your needs with our form and then, if you have any questions, you can ask us in the community group discussion as well. All the links to find us are here.

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