We aim to inspire and boost people and organizations' journeys.
But to do so, we need you.

Our community of ambassadors exist to help communities, ecosystems, organizations and Institutions to move forward in the digital economy to unleash their impact potential.

Our ambassadors will train and support the next ambassadors and co-build content & activities to achieve our common goals.

We are launching this new program of
Digital Ambassadors
for an innovative Inclusive and Regenerative world

Join us and be the next ambassadors unleashing impact for the communities and causes you care about!

🌱 You just have to fill a quick form to start the selection process 👇

Q: What should I expect from this ambassadors' program?

A: You will become a recognized and certified ambassador, being part of a community of like-minded experts, learners and enthusiasts.

Q: What will be needed from me?
A: To become an official ambassador you will have to join the community, taking part of its events and discussions,  potentially get trained and certified before gaining the trust and recognition from your peers.
You will then be able to co-develop activities with them to impact further communities.

Q: Is it free to join?
A: The training and community are free but selective (mostly based on your motivation and objectives). We then adopt a shared revenue approach on the activities we co-develop to reward the contributors. You win, we win!

Q: How do I contact you for more information?
A: We do regular events to onboard potential ambassadors. Check out the next events planned here.
You can also reach out to us by email: yoann.fol@dathappy.com
(our founder is committed to support you)