Dathappy works with GlocAllia to make DREAMS a reality

DREAMS stands for Digital, (Re)skilling and Entrepreneurship Allowing Meaningful Success

The goal is to unleash the potential of individuals:

To ensure everyone can access a sustainable employability and evolution in a Regenerative & Digital Economy

To create and accelerate organizations having a positive impact on the People & Planet

How a support organization like you can grow its impact?

GloCal sustainable development is needed
to ensure our People and Planet thrive globally

That’s why GlocAllia builds globally the capacity of hubs & support organizations like you that are engaged with local communities to solve local challenges

Join a network of peers

Be part of a vibrant community of worldwide support organizations looking to help better local organizations and people

Build your capacity

We build different programs tohelp you grow your impact.

Your increased outcomes are our impact


Make your actions and objectives visible, amplify others’ programs and co-develop initiatives

What’s next for you?

🌱 Strategic workshops (to identify what will be the best to do next to start your journey)

🌱 Join the Community (a network of peers supporting each other)

🌱 Capacity building (join programs to boost your teams and strategies)

🌱 Ask us anything you might need to grow (we will explore the best ways to support you)


Details about the concept

We are building a network of physical locations & (online) Community Hubs, all independent but supported by our core team with (content, methodology, programs, funding, coaching, mentoring and more) to identify local challenges and solve them gloCally


Local innovation hubs, training centers, sustainability & social projects are on the risebut collaboration is lacking to unlock even more collective impact

That’s why we are a global network of local hubs & centers but also ecosystems builders as Entrepreneur Support Organizations (ESOs) for example.

Together we co-create a gloCal sustainable development at scale, strengthening each other local impact

Join the family if you are leveraging at least 1 pillar below to bring empowerment and sustainable development to your communities and environment:

  • Digital
    • Digital & Data literacy

    • Digital & Tech talents / experts

  • (Re)skilling
    • Transversal and Soft-skills

    • Vocational programs

  • Entrepreneurship
    • Creation of new projects

    • Acceleration of existing organizations and products

  • Socialization
    • Space to meet and share (coffee / restaurant / events)

    • Communities accessibility & engagement

We facilitate the community members’ interactions and support while we consolidate knowledge and collective intelligence for a better collaboration and bigger impact.

We help existing centers to grow their impact.
We also help individuals and teams looking to set up a new center locally with frameworks, funding, skills and knowledge, co-creation of programs and business models. 

Interested to join as an existing hub? or looking forward to create a new one in your community?


COVID accelerated the Digital Divide and weakened job markets, therefore People and Organizations are struggling, particularly in regions where institutions can not help (rural areas, poorer communitites, etc.).

Empowering them to ensure they embrace the Digital Economy and an Entrepreneurship mindset to build impacting solutions and solve local challenges will open the door to a prosperous, sustainable and regenerative Economy.

The network of centers and their accessible relevant programs (remotely and physically) are created to bring a gloCal sustainable development to all, one step at a time based on local communities' needs.

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The physical location itself is a place for collision and personal / organizational development. The accessible computers and facilitators guide everyone on the relevant path and redirect members to specific programs or tools when it is relevant.
Being set up in an environment less exposed to Digital, Reskilling opportunities and Entrepreneurship journeys, the DREAMS center ensures a first introduction and personal development along those pillars.

The programs run locally or online. They are there to help individuals and organizations to reach the next level. Always listening to the communities needs, we adapt and localize our approaches to ensure meaningful growth.

We help people to learn how to learn in a Digital Economy while supporting their experimentations and learning. Access to resources and being able to test quickly those learnings in real life is key and will shape communities' projects locally having a positive impact.

The network is a combination of centers we created and centers that were existing and joined us because we share common values and goals, each independent center can be seen as a franchise, part of a global redistribution model, and having access to the consolidated content and programs to support the local communities.

ACTIVITIES - What we could find in the centers

Two main areas, having different activities (Digital & Entrepreneurship)


The main activities here help individuals and organizations to boost their actions with Digital, understanding how they could leverage it as an enabler.

Learning center for the community

Be in control with Digital dexterity skills

  • Learn to use a computer / internet
  • Learn how to learn in a fast-moving Digital Economy

Unlock your potential to achieve your dream

  • We help to access in-demand and relevant jobs with the rights skills
  • We help to get access to higher education in Digital
  • We help to master how to communicate, collaborate and work in the Digital workspace

Internet Café

  • Low-cost nutritious food & drinks (#Eat, #Meet, #GrowTogether) → made locally, offering job opportunities
  • High-Speed Internet / Free Access to tools and knowledge

“A continuous improvement and progressive development to achieve goals and adapt to local communities by making them be with us”

Help local organizations and industries to leverage Digital / Data / Tech to open new opportunities, grow, attract funding and impact further communities

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Help People to:

  • Build an entrepreneurial mindset to solve problems
  • Create solutions to the problems communities face
  • Adopt and localize new solutions
  • Leverage technology to create or accelerate businesses

Support organizations’ growth with various programs:

  • Incubation (market validation and prototyping)
  • Acceleration (expand activities and boost impact)
  • Other specific activities based on local needs
  • Access to funds (grants, loans and equity investments) from partners and the center

Locations we are actively exploring collaborations

It happened that we are building in the East Arican Region first but our aim is global so if you want to push this initiative in your location and communitites, contact us!

Join us

DREAMS Network members are what we can call support organizations, helping entrepreneurs, organizations and individuals to grow. 

Simply fill the form to express your interest to join us, a WhatsApp invitation will also be sent if you want to engage with people, entrepreneurs and others from the DREAMS Network.