Have a look at our presentation to understand better the mission πŸ‘‡

To go further:

If you have common goals and you would like to become a partner, contact us. It is always better to co-create with like-minded people and organizations.

Welcome to the Dathappy platform!

Where do I start?

Community leader / representative

I define for my community the objectives, share the needs and constraints

Individual looking for opportunities

I share my goals and describe my environment to have a tailored support

Welcome to your community space. To begin, please help us understand your project:

Social background

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Geography & Accessibility

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Constraints & limits

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Once your project is defined, you can add members to this community and the will be able to access their personal spaces.

Here is just a reminder of the journey:

🎯 set your goals / ambitions

πŸŽ“ assess your skills

πŸš€ Access various programs, content, experts and mentors recommended to you

πŸ”¬ sharpen skills on real-life projects

βœ… certify/prove skills and experiences
✨access opportunities

Your personal objectives

Sharing your dreamed job, the competencies you want to sharpen, the industries you want to evolve in and more

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Assess & map your skills

Doing it at different times to identify rooms for improvement and reflect on the progress

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Learning resources

Content and programs for you.

Opportunities & Jobs

Projects & jobs recommended for you.

Define your profile and learn with like-minded buddies

To better support your growth, we defined 4 dimensions of a dream job, so you can find peers that are aligned and specialized yourself while become a Digital for Impact ambassador.

How do we create the content and activities boosting your journey?

We built a network of Digital for Impact Ambassadors, aka. Dathappy Experts and Learners engaged to spread innovative and impacting solutions to boost positive impact for organizations and people. 
Based on various locations and having diverse specialties to unleash impact in various industries, communities and ecosystems.


They are trained, they train others and
they co-develop the various content and activities


I want to access the learning platform!